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How will new standards and regulations impact your critical operations infrastructure? Is your SCADA team up to speed?

Our veteran trainers and industry experts can get you ready for the changes that are coming down the SCADA pipeline.

Regulations Update: PHMSA has released a final rule that expedites the program implementation deadlines of the Control Room Management/Human Factors regulations originally published on December 3, 2009 (49 CFR 192.631 and 195.446) and corrected on February 3, 2010. This final rule changes many of the compliance deadlines in the original rule, and some from the proposed rule. The deadline for pipeline operators to implement the procedures for roles and responsibilities, shift change, change management, and operating experience, fatigue mitigation education and training is now October 1, 2011, 16 months sooner than the original regulation. The deadline for pipeline operators to implement the other procedures for adequate information, shift lengths, maximum hours-of-service, and alarm management is now August 1, 2012, six months sooner than the original regulation. In general, training procedures must also be implemented by August 1, 2012, except that any training required as a condition of compliance with another paragraph of the rule must be implemented no later than the corresponding deadline for implementing that part of the rule.

The original rule published on December 3, 2009, says that affected pipeline operators must:

  • Define roles and responsibilities of controllers.
  • Provide controllers with necessary information, training, and processes to fulfill these responsponsibilities.
  • Implement methods to prevent controller fatigue.
  • Manage SCADA alarms.
  • Assure control room considerations are taken into account when changing pipeline equipment or configurations.
  • Review reportable incidents or accidents to determine whether control room actions contributed to the event.

A combination of new and rapidly evolving standards and regulatory requirements is calling for the control room to examine existing operations and develop plans to get people, processes, and systems current. GCI's SCADA Fundamentals Certification course prepares controllers, operations managers and support personnel to meet the unique challenges in today's energy industry. The added study of the complete lifecycle of alarm management and controller support technology creates advanced awareness and knowledge key to effective controller operations and overall operational integrity.

Our 4-day intensive training provides a thorough technical overview of the basics of SCADA, including terminology, field devices, communications, architecture, data acquisition strategies, control room management, alarm management, security and more.

Students will gain a unique insight into successful alarm systems by examining the newly developed industry best practices leading to effective improvement planning in the SCADA/PCN environment.

Students will also analyze security threats, including basic and highly advanced techniques used by attackers. This advanced level of knowledge is a key component in a complete security architecture plan, and these techniques are a distinguished skill set that is critical to IT professionals. Participants will gain a detailed understanding of vulnerabilities typically existing in SCADA/PCN environments and how to implement appropriate controls and safeguards.

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